On 8 July 2002 our partner Mario Pozzi is to hold a lecture on intellectual property and artificial intelligence for the Intensive Program on Artificial Intelligence and Business Opportunities of the LUISS Business School in Rome.

The lecturer will lead students on an exploration of main intellectual property rights; students will be made to understand the way in which these rights apply to technologies and artificial intelligence systems and can interact with both, within limits that will be pointed out. Finally, there will be case studies leading to remarks on the possible evolution of the law in the above areas.

Topics will include the following:

The origins of intellectual property.

The digital age: Artificial Intelligence (AI), intellectual property, innovation and business.

Protecting inventions: patents.

Patents and AI.


AI and trademarks.

Designs and models.

AI and design.


Copyright and AI.

IP Actions.

Simulation / Debate – Case studies.