How to fight counterfeit designs in Italy

In Italy, is a registered design a valid deterrent against the counterfeiting of products by competitors? Which intellectual property tools are available for fighting counterfeit designs in Italy? How useful are they against a competitor imitating my product’s design?...

Attending the INTA Annual Meeting 2019

Sib Lex partners Giovanni Antonio Grippiotti and Mario Pozzi will be attending the INTA Annual Meeting 2019 taking place in Boston 18-22 May. Should you wish to schedule a meeting during the event with one of our partners, please contact...

Copyright protection extends to yacht’s interior design

The specialised section for business law of the District Court of Venice held, in a decision of 7 August 2018, that the layout, interiors and decor of the “Checkmate” yacht, designed by architect Tiberio Cerato on the yacht owner’s commission, are eligible for...

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